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Are you in the lookout for a weight loss pill that can bring you better results in a jiffy? Ephedrine HCL 8mg is your ultimate choice. It does not contain binders or fillers. Instead, it consists of 8mg ephedrine hcl which is at its purest.

One of the many things that this effective weight loss product boasts of is its excellent ingredient that hastens your metabolism. One will never feel the need of becoming hungry as it works to reduce your appetite. Additionally, its impressive vasodylating effect allows for blood to be transported to the different bodily tissues efficiently whereby you will experience a boost in your physical and cardiovascular performances.

Organically produced and manufactured from the Chinese herbal plant Ephedra Sinica, this weight loss product has the capacity to dilate the bronchioles thereby stimulating the central nervous system which is almost synonymous to adrenaline.

Ephedrine HCL can also be used for colds and symptoms of hay fever. It may also be taken as temporary relief for nasal decongestion and breathing problems among patients suffering from asthma.

Ephedrine HCL 8mg – How to Use

For effective body fat reduction, take 2 -3 tablets a day to be taken in the morning, midday, in the afternoon or prior to exercise. Two doses will suffice for a majority of users. For better results, Ephedrine will work well if taken with an empty stomach or when it is stacked with caffeine of about 200 mg and 2 mg ephedrine

Ephedrine HCL 8mg Forewarning

Those who are 18 years old and below, pregnant and nursing women are not allowed to take this medicine. In like manner, a doctor’s approval is needed for those who are being treated for a certain heart disease hypertension, renal disease, spasms, psychiatric disease, migraines, hyperthyroidism, asthma. Even those who have an allergy with chocolates are not allowed to use.

In the event this supplement is being taken by those with diabetes, problems with urination, prostrate enlargement, heart and thyroid diseases, and certain side effects will be felt. These include sleeplessness, tremors, nausea and loss of appetite. Nonetheless, do not forget to read the label for further instructions. In case the symptoms continue to persist, a visit to your doctor is a must.

Additionally, those who are being treated for certain psychiatric conditions with medications that contain mono amine oxidase inhibitor are prohibited from using this product. However, with your physician’s approval, this product may also be used as well.

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